Iridescent Acrylic Ghosts - Set of 3

Iridescent Acrylic Ghosts - Set of 3

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Bring haunting style to your decor with our unique set of three iridescent acrylic ghosts! These spooky friends come in sizes of 15", 12", and 9" and are made of sturdy, iridescent acrylic, ensuring they stick around a lot longer than your average ghost story! Add a funny and freaky touch to your home today!

**The only set left has no packaging, the box was damaged, This FINAL SALE item is discounted from 44.00 to 36.00 because of it! All ghosts are fine and still wrapped in bubble wrap!

**Please note, when removing plastic protective covering, please remove carefully and slowly as removing quickly can crack or break the acrylic pieces!**

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